A Whole Spectrum poem

At our launch meeting in January, we named Kate Jenkinson as our Poet in Residence.

She wrote this half way through our session as her response to hearing my story around the what, how and why of Whole Spectrum.

Our what
Is not
In doubt.
We’ve no need
To shout about
The what, it’s a given.
But life and work
And everything within
What it feels like
The whole experience
The impact
The how
THIS is why
We are different
The here and now
And a legacy
That makes a difference
Whole hearted
Whole spectrum.

She got it so perfectly and succinctly.

And that made me think . . . what about using poetry as an alternative to note-taking or writing up flipcharts and post-its notes as a way to capture the essence of a facilitated session? Let us know if you’re interested in that idea.

Thank you Kate for your heartfelt words and contribution via the written and spoken word.

She also does stand-up and improv comedy too!

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